Sponsor a child

We have two sponsorship levels — $35/month for non-boarders and $60/month for boarders. Your monthly sponsorship goes towards the child's tuition — teacher salaries, grounds maintenance, lunch, etc. If you sponsor a boarder (student who lives at the school), you are also covering the student's medical fees, meals, clothing, and housing.

Questions about sponsorship? Read our Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Why support education? 

Prior to the 1994 genocide, there was no push for education in Rwanda. The Dutch outlined how Rwandans would live, and the country obeyed. The result of this system was devastating.

Education is a powerful tool for a Rwandan child.

Education breaks a family's cycle of poverty. It enables children to live, grow, and succeed. It equips them for their future — giving them a roadmap for their personal lives, the success of their country, and the world at large. It widens the scope of a child’s perspective. It teaches what unites, instead of what divides. Education prevents another genocide.

At Star School, children are taught how to shape the future. Education and faith are taught hand-in-hand, equipping students with the knowledge of how the world works, and more importantly, the God who created it.

Star School students will go on to deal with relevant issues like Rwanda’s overpopulation — strategizing how to improve and maintain fresh water, an infrastructure, and low unemployment. With the English they learn at Star School, students will ultimately participate in the world market, pushing Rwanda towards globalization.

In other words, education is the greatest gift you can give a Rwandan child.


Spread the Word

Over 300 children are waiting to attend Star School in Kigali, Rwanda. Spread the word and tell your friends to sponsor a child (and maybe even a sibling of your sponsored child!).