In addition to child sponsorship and one-time donations,

Partnerships are vital to Star School's growth.

Star School has partnerships from around the globe — Churches, universities, and even groups of friends who have a passion for our students. We are currently looking to expand our partnerships in order to give more children the opportunity to attend school.

Below are our current partnership opportunities, but we are always open to new, creative ideas.


Campus Beautification Project

Through the generosity of our donor base over the years, we have been able to build more buildings as we overflow out of existing structures. It is our dream that just as an elementary teacher spends time making her room an environment that stimulates creativity for her kids, our students would have the same inspiring experience when they walk into school each day. Join us in painting classrooms, mending desks, planting trees and flowers, and hanging pictures! We would love for small groups or classes to sponsor a classroom or two and spruce it up with a fun color and a lot of love—you would be surprised how much a little class makeover can encourage kids to devote more time to learning!



House Renovation

There are some houses near the school grounds that the school would love to purchase, fix up (alongside employed local Rwandans), and rent out in an effort to build a more sustainable income base for the Star School. This project would be a great way to provide a beautiful, customized home for a local family and would grant the Star School more money to pay for teacher salaries, grounds upkeep, and emergency needs. This is one of our more expensive projects, ranging from $15,000-$20,000 for the purchase and remodel of the home.



Sports Ministry

Our kids LOVE football (soccer). We even have stadium seating above our soccer fields that fill to the brim with kids as the older boys face off in a soccer match every Friday night. If you love sports, and love the discipline, camaraderie, and fun that come with learning how to play them —this is for you! We love having teams come out to teach our little ones how to play sports and give our older kids a run for their money on the field!

For more information on these opportunities or if you have some ideas of your own on how to partner with us, please contact us