Raised in the rural jungles of western Uganda, Nathan Amooti was the son of a cattle keeper. His father died at an early age, leaving Nathan to be raised primarily by his mother and older sister.

As a young boy, Nathan was introduced to the Christian faith by missionaries who rode into his village on bicycles, singing hymns and sharing the Good News. Nathan was profoundly affected by the experience and began attending church in a nearby town. He carefully observed the services, returning home to gather his brothers and sisters and re-preach the pastor’s sermon from atop a hay stack. It was a humble beginning to what would become a worldwide preaching ministry.

Nathan excelled in school. He completed a prestigious boys’ school, earned a theology degree from Glad Tidings Bible College in Uganda, and was awarded a Master’s degree from Fuller Seminary in California.

Following the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the country was left in utter devastation. Nathan was one of many Rwandan nationals who responded to his country’s call to come home and help raise their homeland from the ashes.

Over the next few years, Nathan’s leadership and skill in project development led to his promotion as the Assistant to the Archbishop of Rwanda. In this capacity, he oversaw the building of schools, health clinics, micro-businesses for widows, and churches.

Eventually, Nathan would leave his post in the diocese to plant a new church and found Star School. What was once a barren hillside is now a thriving school educating over 700 students.

In 2012, his ability to successfully transform entire communities earned Nathan the honor of being elected by the Anglican Church of Rwanda to serve as the Bishop of the Cyangugu Diocese located in southwestern Rwanda. At the time of his election, Cyangugu was one of the most under-served and undeveloped areas in the whole country. Today, Bishop Nathan is working with local and international partners to deliver food, education, health services, sustainable employment, and the Gospel to the people of his diocese.